In designing the Outdoor Facilities at Tadpoles British Nursery, our dedicated team of landscape designers, educationalists and childcare experts has essentially gone back to basics, keeping the children and their needs as the focal point.

Children experience the natural environment differently than adults. To children, the environment is a stimulator and an experiential component of their activities. Exposure to nature for the child is an enriching sensory experience. Children judge their natural environment not by its aesthetics, but rather by how easily and effectively they can interact with the environment. 

Our naturalized outdoor environment allows children to have safe, ready-made access to green places and varied opportunities for engagement with nature. Our challenging but safe outside spaces allow children to explore, climb, crawl, dig, run, discover, gaze, think and wonder. 

We have incorporated responsive materials like sand, dirt, and water into our play space. This responsive material can be carried, collected, damned, dug, floated, filled, scooped, sifted, spilled, sprinkled, and thrown providing for limitless open-ended play. The desire to experiment and explore is innate in young children and our outdoor spaces offer opportunities to dig, measure, transport, spill, throw and collect. Plants stimulate discovery, speaking to all senses of the child with their colors, textures and fragrance.

Why Us


• Children who play regularly in natural settings have better immunities. Mud, sand, water, fresh air, sunlight can help to stimulate children's immune system as well as their imagination. 

• More time spent outdoors is related to reduced rate of nearsightedness, also known as myopia, in children. Seeing green (grass) and blue (sky) helps developing eyes balance themselves. Our eyes see farthest when we are outdoors!


• Children who spend regular time outdoors tend to be more physically active, reducing likelihood of obesity and its associated risks.

• Children who have opportunities for free and unstructured play in the out-of-doors are found to play in more diverse, imaginative and creative ways and demonstrate better communication and collaboration skills. Single use, repetitive play equipment becomes boring quickly. 

• Access to green spaces, and even a view of green settings, enhances peace, self-control and self-discipline making children who play in natural settings are more resistant to stress; reducing incidence of behavioral disorders, and increasing measures of self-worth.

• Natural, irregular and challenging spaces help kids learn to recognise, assess and negotiate risk and build confidence and competence. 

• Daily exposure to natural settings increases children’s ability to focus and enhances cognitive abilities.

• Children who play in nature have more positive feelings about each other. Bullying behaviour is greatly reduced where children have access to diverse nature-based play environments. 

• Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder are reduced after contact with nature.

Naturalized Learning Environment

Access to an internationally reputed Gross and Fine Motor Skills Development Program

• Preschool development offers a unique window of opportunity for attaining and practicing gross motor skills. Some children entering kindergarten may exhibit developmental delays in gross motor skills if they do not have sufficient opportunities to learn and practice these active skills during early childhood. 

• Children engaged in a gross motor skills development program reap psychological benefits as they expand and refine their gross motor skills. Children become more self-confident as they challenge and break through old boundaries related to their gross motor abilities. 

• The sports based motor skills development program provides an opportunity for regular moderate physical activity which in turn helps children develop healthy bones, muscles, joints, heart and lungs to support their growing bodies.

• Children develop neuromuscular awareness (i.e. coordination and movement control) which is a huge advantage when pursuing any sport in future. 

• Participation in the program promotes school readiness by enhancing a child’s concentration and promoting listening skills and the ability to follow instructions.


Swimming Pool

It provides a complete physical workout, strengthening your child’s heart, lungs and respiratory system.

• Swimming facilitates development of crucial higher brain functions, core muscles and co-ordination often seeing earlier development than non-swimming peers.

Regular swimming often improves eating and sleeping patterns.

• Swimming is a vital personal survival skill.

• Regular swimming helps children develop discipline and confidence around the water.

•  Starting to swim regularly at a young age is a great way to get your child in shape, stay healthy and to enjoy exercise. 

•  Learning to swim is a huge achievement with lots of small milestones along the way. Children feel a sense of accomplishment on their journey to becoming a swimmer. 

“ME-Time” Lounge

• At Tadpoles British Nursery we believe that mom needs a break too! We encourage you to enjoy some “me time”, as a gift to yourself from us. 

• Our “Me-Time” lounge is an area earmarked for use by parents, after drop-off each morning. 

• At our beverage station, we offer parents an opportunity to sit down and enjoy a cup of fresh brew.

• Access to free WiFi gives parents a time to digitally connect to their world. 

• Lose yourself or find yourself in books, with our “Share a book” Club.

• Meet and bond with other parents.

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