About Us

Welcome to Tadpoles British Nursery

Founded in 2016, the Tadpoles British Nursery has been created for parents in the United Arab Emirates who believe that their precious young children should learn and engage with nature. Living in the UAE, children have limited opportunities to connect with a variety of environments. Tadpoles gives children an opportunity that goes beyond parks. We believe that direct exposure to nature is essential for growth and development.


Tadpoles’ ethos of providing both structured and child-led play both in nature and in the classroom is the foundation of Tadpoles British Nursery. Tadpoles provides full time free-flow learning opportunities. This method encourages children’s independence and confidence to explore and experiment with their own self-motivated learning.  

The children can move from class to class independently choosing where they want to learn. There will be teacher-led and child-led activities provided in the central learning zone, all with adult supervision facilitating the children’s learning.The Tadpole team have thought about what children enjoy and have created safe, open and shaded green spaces, incorporating trees, shrubs, lawns, a climbing hillock and a wooden playground for outdoor, open-ended play.  

The Nursery’s international curriculum is based on the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Maria Montessori’s philosophies for independent real life experiences is what will make Tadpole’s a fun and unique learning experience for your precious child. 

Located in the quiet and serene Al Wasl area in Dubai, the Tadpoles British Nursery is where children from four months to four years of age explore natural environments and start their own journey of discovery. It is part of the JSB Group which is based in Dubai and has interests in Education, Hospitality, Health & Wellness & Retail.  

Our Mission

The Tadpoles British Nursery aims to provide a rich learning environment, empowering a child to develop to his or her full potential. The focus is primarily to assist and guide the children on their exciting voyage of discovery, in the journey to independent life. 

At Tadpoles British Nursery we strive for excellence in its approach to education which influences the daillife within the nursery. All who are involved with the nursery- families, children and educators- are responsible for creating and maintaining the nursery environment in a way that supports the mission of the nursery.

The founders and the educators at The Tadpoles British Nursery will continually respond to the demanding standards to which they hold themselves. Every decision related to the educational policies of the nursery will be made in collaboration with highest regard to the mission, vision and values of the nursery.

Our core strengths and values are:

• Excellent quality education and care
• A strong partnership between parents, carers and teachers
• To help children become successful learners.
• To provide a high quality, holistic education and the physical,intellectual,emotional,social and spiritual development of our children is the yardstick by which we judge ourselves.

Our curriculum provides a very structured environment, carefully prepared and maintained and offers an extensive range of developmental activities that each child can choose, according to his or her interests.

We offer what children need and love most:

• Freedom of choice within positive boundaries.
• Independence 
• Time and space to do what they have chosen
• Guidance from caring and respectful adults.
• Compatibility with the spontaneous manner of learning which is a natural occurrence in all young children.

We firmly believe that all children are inherently good, intelligent, caring human beings, who are capable of proudly becoming the citizens of the future and this belief drives us at The Tadpoles British Nursery on wards and upwards.

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