3-4 Year Milestones

The children now are maturing rapidly. Active and mobile, they are now moving around on a tricycle and using other wheeled toys. These adept movers respond freely to music and love the rhythms of music, shaking and twisting their bodies. Their better hand-eye-co-ordination allows mastery of new tools like a pair of scissors or toothbrush. They love listening to stories with continuous delight and these little three year old will talk about these readily. Their sentences now contain five words or more. Socially their confidence is soaring and new friendships can be witnessed. They proudly remember songs and rhymes and might even recite a few numbers. 

The Milestones below will give our readers fair idea of what progress one can expect. Parents have the most important part to play in supporting this development within a loving and caring.

Major Milestones to look out for:

      a. The children walk up and down stairs easily

     and unsupported.

 b. They can throw a ball overhand.

c. They propel a tricycle with pedals on an even surface.

d. They are capable of catching a ball that Is thrown a short   distance away.

    e. Children at this stage are able to draw a circle and            square shape and using scissors with more accuracy.

          f. They are able to use a fork and spoon to

             eat their food with.



       a. They are happy to look through a book alone.

   b. The children have knowledge of early numbers but not  always in the correct order (1-10).

c. Drawing and mark-making is more mature for them now.

d. They understand ‘’1’’ now.

  e. They can call recall events from a day ago.

     f. They can copy O, V, T shapes with varying


              g. They are aware of their gender and

                 will proudly tell you their full name.



       a. They hear when they are called from another


   b. They use sentences with four or more words and are  also using plurals e.g. dogs, cats.

c. They discuss stories when read to.

d. They carry out instructions with 2-3 pieces of information.

   e. Strangers are able to understand clearly enough what       the little children are speaking.

         f. They talk about events at home and outside.



      a. They display more confidence in social situations.

   b. They show imagination in pretend play.

 c. They realise themselves as a having a body and a mind and feelings.

d. They will happily cooperate with other children.

   e. They are happy to adopt a role in pretend play, e.g.         Mummy or Daddy.

        f. They know if they have done any wrong.

             g. They talk about their own feelings.

                      h. They join in small group



Being with others

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