2-3 Year Milestones

Welcome to the famous stage known as the ‘’terrible twos’’. A mixed stage where the children are starting to show increased independence and facing an emotional roller-coaster. The emotions are easily visible and there is an active explorer who is constantly asking ‘’what’’ and ‘’why’’ questions and uses what is known to solve problems. Their talk makes more sense to them and the people that know them yet they still need some help in structuring what they want to say. 

The Milestones below will give our fair readers an idea of what progress one can expect. Parents have the most important part to play in supporting this development within a loving and caring relationship.

Major Milestones to look out for:

     a. The children show better balance and coordination.

   b. The can throw a ball, kick a ball with better accuracy    and power. Their running skills are improved.

c. The children adapt skills to avoid obstacles.

d. They are capable of jumping with their feet together from     a low step and hop around.

    e. Always keen to climb furniture and apparatus.

        f. They are able to attempt riding tricycles using




      a. They have understanding of reality by now.

   b. They are able to sort objects by shape and colour.

c. If the touch a hot object it will hurt – they understand mostly about the ‘cause and effect’.

d. Understanding about themselves being a different person     to someone else.

   e. They know their name in full. And love to copy others.

         f. They will happily tidy up after play

           understanding that is what adults do.



      a. They know around 200+ words and are

    continually asking questions using ‘me’ and ‘you’. They       can begin a conversation with another adult.

 b. Points a lot to communicate.

c. They are able to construct short sentences with a verb, subject and object, e.g. ‘Me go home.’ The words used

 make sense to them.



      a. They show their temper when frustrated. 

   b. They are keen watchers of other children playing and    occasionally join in.

c. They enjoy play with an adult and want undivided attention.

 d. Children by now have gained more confidence with            strangers.

      e. They are happy to express their feelings easily

        and have now some understanding of other

            people’s feelings as well.


Being with others

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