1-2 Year Milestones

The transformation seen in babies from new born into confident, communicating and social 12 month old child is amazing! 

Babies physically mature from a tiny being with very little control of their head making lots of random leg kicking and arm flailing movements, to a mobile traveller who is crawling with speed and agility, can stand and may even be able to walk a few steps alone. Sitting up is easy and offers exciting possibilities to observe the world and engage with it. The babies are now communicating all the time, soaking up new words at a tremendous rate. 

The milestones below will give an idea in general of what progress could be expected but please know that some children might take longer or some might achieve a few of these milestones earlier than indicated.

Major Milestones to look out for:

      a. Sits up without assistance.

   b. Crawls with confidence and speed.

c. They can pull up to a standing position by now.

d. He/she can stand for a short time without support.

 e. They are able to drink from a cup with a little help.

    f. They are able to stack beakers, put objects in and out

      of a container, and build with blocks.

            g. They can ‘walk’ while holding onto

                furniture or with one hand held.



      a. Explore objects with interest and are able to

     detect differences in shape, colours and textures.

  b. They can objects in the correct way, e.g. a mug to drink  with, a telephone.

c. They are able to grip with a pincer grip- finger and thumb.

 d. Children are dropping objects voluntarily and are              learning about cause and effect. 

      e. The concentration of one year olds is increasing to             one minute. 



      a. They are listening well to speech.

   b. Responds to basic instructions.

c. Points a lot to communicate.

d. They are happily able to raise their arms to be picked up.

  e. He/she are able to respond to the word ‘’no’’

    f. Able to enjoy stories as well as picture books.

         g. Children now have more purposeful babbling

           and their usual first word is spoken. (usually

               ‘’da-da’’ or ‘’ma-ma’’)



      a. There is a prominent display of mood swings

     (excited to being unhappy quickly).

  b. A clear demonstration of determination but also    frustration.

c. They test how parents respond to behaviour.

 d. Display close attachment to a parent or carer but may be   shy or anxious with strangers.

      e. Children might be intrigued by other babies and                 might copy others in play.


Being with others

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